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Navionics maps on iPhone.

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I replaced my 1st generation iPhone with the new iPhone G3 and was snooping around the app store and found the Navionics Charts for $4.99. What a deal!

The charts don't look as detailed as the one on my chartplotter, but for 5 bucks you can't beat it.

It's a big download (10 meg for US Central Marine), but well worth the cost in my mind.
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I just got the BC coast ones, supposedly it was 50 bucks before, only 10 bucks now. Amazing deal.. Mine was 128MB download, huge charts. Looks pretty good and definitely worth the cash.
Detail seems excellent. They provide connection for tide and current detail. Additional detail included and available by tapping screen: marina contact information, light details, bridge heights. The maps appear great and the software is good for viewing them. It is really not a chart plotter. The gps accuracy is moderate. One thing to be careful of is that it will approximate location from cell tower triangular if gps is unavailable. MUCH lower accuracy. Generally I love it.
The marina info (at least in the galveston area) is poor. Marinas missing, info on marinas that are included is lacking. I haven't found one yet that says they have transient slips, while I know they do. Pity really, as that's one of the things that seems most useful about having this info on the iphone.

That said, I still think this might be the best 5 dollars I've ever spent on a sailboat related purchase!
Interesting. The marina information here in British Columbia looks pretty good. True not great on transient moorage, but phone number makes up for that. Simple call to check. Of course in BC it cost me 9.99.
They certainly seem inconsistent. I don't see phone numbers for any of the marinas I stayed at during a recent 2 week trip down the coast and back from Kemah to Port Aransas.
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