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I have a Navman Depth 3100 on my Azuli F40 Cat (Foam sandwich hull).
The transducer is mounted in-hull at a solid f/glass section near seawater intake.

The sounder has worked OK for about 11.5 years.
But recently the display started showing "- -" instead of the depth numbers.

I read that you could check that the sounder was sending a pulse to the transducer by using an old AM radio tuned to 200KHz and listen for a clicking sound to confirm that the sounder was sending the ultrasonic pulse.

I did this test and it worked. I could hear a clicking sound through the radio, when the sounder was powered on, the clicking would stop when I turned power off to the sounder.

Then I removed the transducer from the hull and put it in a bucket of water. The display started showing a reading. From this I assumed the transducer may be OK, but the interface to the full had been compromised somehow.

So then I cleaned up the transducer surface and the hull surface and reattached with SikaFlex.

Now it is just showing "- -" again.

Has anyone else had this experience?
Can anyone suggest another test to confirm the transducer is OK or not?
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If you put a wet thumb on the face of the transducer and slowly rub the face near the center while the depth sounder is running you can usually "feel" (and/or hear) the transmit pulse.

Your Navman transducer probably has a phono plug connector to connect it to the display unit. Check the wiring at both the male and female connector to verify that the wires/connections are in good shape.

It's more likely for the display unit to fail than the transducer.


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