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Marine Surveyor
Solomons, MD

5 out of 5 STARS

I've had three boats surveyed, the last two, a Northern 25 and a Catalina 36, were surveyed by Mike. If I were to buy another boat, I'd want Mike to check that one out, too. Here's why:

He is methodical. Neither seller/broker wanted Mike to do the survey. They both felt that he was too "picky." As a buyer that translated into thorough - just what I wanted. As it turned out, both seller/brokers were very impressed with Mike and the excellent work that he did.

He is knowledgeable. He owned a boatyard for years and knows his subject.

He is pleasant. He was always generous with his time, answering my many questions graciously, never making me feel as though I were a nuisance.
He's not afraid to go up the mast. On both boats, he surveyed the standing rigging, a service not offered by every surveyor.

He sees the job done all the way through. I had the fluids checked on the Catalina. When the lab sent back a negative, but incomprehensible, oil report, Mike was suspicious of their results. He drove 35 miles to the boat on a Saturday morning, took additional samples, overnighted them to the lab, then stayed after the lab to put our job in front of the line - which they were willing to do for an additional fee. He refused to let me reimburse him for any of it. Perhaps the lab stepped up after admitting their mistake.

His service is a good value. Based on his survey, I was able to bargain for a reduced price, equivalent to about 50% more than what I paid him. (It could have been more, but I really like the boat and had trouble being hard-nosed.)

*Mike's not my brother or brother-in-law or next door neighbor.

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Wow ! what a treat to hear complimentary comments about a surveyor. If more people like you gave kudos to the good ones .... well perhaps the bad ones would just fade away.
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