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I sailed my Catalina 22 almost every weekend on lake Travis and lake Buchanin in Texas. When I got stationed close to Panama City I sailed her in the bays and along the coast. The boat came with a 110 jib and a 155 genoa. I can probably count the number of times I used the 110 jib on my fingers. the boat sails great with the 155 genoa and a reefed mainsail when the wind is above 20 knots which is not all that often. 5-7 knots of wind and I would have given up with anything less than the 155 genoa. You will miss a lot fewer days of sailing with a 155 genoa due to strong winds than you will pass up due to light winds with a sail smaller than the 155 genoa. The boat is safe, I was a bit of a thrill seeker in my younger days and would take her out in some pretty stiff winds (with the 110 jib and reefed main) it handled the weather flawlessly although the weather helm was a bit of a workout in the gusts on those heavy air days. If you only want one head sail you could have reef points put in the 155 genoa just in case you got stuck in winds you wished you weren't in. But that is not necessary because in winds above 10 knots the boat will also sail with only the main flying.
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