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Hi there,
I tried a few weeks ago during the 'free fishing weekend' but totally failed. I only caught a small juvinile crab - had to throw it back.

I had been told by several marina dock-mates that a good location was right outside of the breakwater/spit. I tried this to no success.

Any good locations? Any good depths?

I'm using a 2 ring pot - just a large ring and a smaller ring that expands when you tug them to the surface. Is this good?

Also, bait? people say 'turkey necks'. well, where does one buy a turkey neck (not any grocery stores I could find)...

Courtney the Dancer
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Ring pots are made to be pulled often, and you have to be right where the crabs are. I prefer pots so you can leave them down overnight or longer. We use prawn pellets that you can get at LFS (Lummi Fishing Supply), or any kind of fish head or carcass. A lot of people swear by the seafood cat food cans, just make a few holes in the can and put it in the bait jar. I'm not familiar with your area but a bay or shoreline with eel grass is a good bet. Good luck. BTW, I don't know about down there but crab doesn't open up here until July:eek:

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A lot of people swear by the seafood cat food cans, just make a few holes in the can and put it in the bait jar.
I'm one of those that swear by seafood cat food, but as mentioned fish heads and pellets work well. Some say chicken, however I've never tried it. I'm a little reluctant to use fish heads though...fishheads make a great soup, so it seems a waste to me.

I agree with JRD, you need to use a crab pot and leave it for a while as mentioned. Charlie has the debth right but look for a small river emptying into a bay. So if you find a relatively flat area under 80' with a river, this could be a good location IMHO.

Try to avoid the days around full moons. I believe crabs molt around full moons and are soft with little meat. I know this is highly questionable but it seems to be the case for me.
Molting and the Full Moon

Good luck and be patient, eventually you will strike it rich :)

[edit] I don't know your area but this is what works for me up here.

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Here is a little secret for you, but don't tell anyone, ok? Reach down under the water on the dock or pilings, and rip off a handful of those nice muscle type clams that are just hanging there. Get a whole bunch of them, and step on them to make a nice clam mush. Stick that in your bait bag. it's free, and works very good. If it works for you, you owe me a crab, ok?

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Where is the old bay ?
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