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Hello, self taught here, have yet to sail aboard a larger vessel, but hope too in the near future, life long dream to sail/live aboard a larger vessel. I would love living on the water, currently living 100 yards from Loramie lake, not an ideal lake for sailing, dinghy sailing is fine, but anything larger would be dangerous.
I grew up going to Canada for the summer at a fishing camp and spent my days watching the sail boats out on Lake Erie, and canoeing & kayaking the swamp on the SW end of Rondeau Bay. I'm 44, single male, and live in NW Ohio near 2 lakes, Grand lake and Loramie lake.
I've never had the financial ability to buy a larger boat, and have taught myself to sail (medical disability- SSDi income preventing me financially.)
I had a Catalina 15 that I restored, but she was too much for me to sail alone, and eventually needed new sails, so I sold her to a friend of the family, I'm happy to say that she's still being used. It's nice to know my restoration was/is good quality work.
I've had several small boats (dinghy's) that I've restored and sailed, then sold. I recently bought a dinghy that has a Mylar sail. I need to clean the Mylar before doing some patching to extend my ability to use it, until I can replace it with a Dacron sail. I bought it for a play boat.
Would a light mixture of regular Dawn dish soap be acceptable to clean the Mylar sail to ensure the reinforced tape will stick tight? or should I use something else to clean the Mylar before taping reinforcements? The sail is in surprisingly great condition, no mold or mildew between the laminate. The previous owner hardly used it, and kept it stored properly.
Also, has anyone else ran into invited guest refusing to go sailing for fear of getting hit in the head with the boom? It seems to be the excuse everyone I've asked to sail with me offers up as their reason for not going.
Any and all advice is welcome.
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