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My current exhaust through hull is (was) a bronze threaded fitting where the threaded part has an OD of 1 5/8 inch. The rubber exhaust hose that was clamped to it seemed to fit ok, and appears to be water tight so I'm assuming that hose has an ID of 1 5/8 too. I've removed the through hull since the prior owner jammed what looks like a few inches of PVC into the hole and I messed up the fitting getting it out. In replacing the through hull, it seems I should use a threaded fitting that can accept a hose:
The trouble is that a through hull that has a hose end for 1 5/8 is a really big through hull, and the hole in the hull would be huge. It seems that there's a quite a step down in material from the threaded part, to the hose barbed part of the fitting.

Since the original through hull seemed ok, I'll likely just get another threaded unit and use a couple of clamps. Do engine exhaust hoses readily slip over the barbed end of a hose through-hull?

What's the best though hull for engine exhaust?

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