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Need good Surveyor

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My 40 foot sailboat was recently damaged and deemed a total loss by the insurance company. Unfortunately they did not offer a settlement close to the net worth of the boat. This sailboat is a one of a kind prototype so I am in search of an experienced marine surveyor/appraiser here in the USA that can prepare a fair value appraisal of the net worth of this vessel.

Your assistance and advice is greatly appreciated!
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Does your policy limits cover the value of the boat? Where in the USA do you need a Good surveror?
stavaros, I would suggest taking your insurance policy to a lawyer and paying to get an opinion on it, versus the insurance laws in your state. (Or homeland, wheverer the policy was written and laws bind it.)

If you have a US policy, the laws probably allow them to value the boat by one of several fixed methods, and your only alternative is among those methods, or to prove they have misued them.

When you say 'fair value' the usual phrase in the US would be "fair market value" but since a prototype is one of a kind, there is no "market" or "fair market" value for it. The wording of the policy, and the laws it must be enforced under, are going to be critical. More so than the opinion of another surveyor.
Was the hull coverage for as much as the boat was worth? If not they won't pay replacement cost.
Your assistance and advice is greatly appreciated!
Apparently not enough to come back...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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