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need help identifying a hobie type boat

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Hey guys, I could really use some help if someone knew the model or the maker of a boat ive been offered...


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It's a Tornado.

Either that or a MacGregor

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Sorry, there were no pics so I was just being a smartass. Now there are pics and I don't know what it is - it actually COULD be a Tornado which is (or was) an Olympic class boat and very fast.

I'm not at all sure though.
Tornadoes were 20', the only Hobie I know of that looked anything like that was the 18' and I don't think you have one of them.
Not exactly true - dinghys (I include small cats) seldom if ever have titles. The trailer does because of road licensing but seldom the boat.

Around here the cutoff is 10 meters/10 horsepower - below that you require no documentation and even above it if you only license it (K number) it gets recorded as whatever you put on the application documents.

It's a surprisingly casual system for such expensive things but I guess it works well enough that no-one has seen the need to tighten it up.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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