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Before you do or by anything, you need to get a feel for the basics. Read as much as you can and try to go sailing with some more experienced sailors, either on your boat or theirs.

Welcome to sailing and SailNet, by the way.

The line in particular that needs replaced is the one that goes to the tops of the mast. I guess this is the one that raises the main sail. What "kind" of rope should I get? What size?
Size and length depend - about 10 mm will be sufficient. Get a decent, low stretch rope. You're looking for a "double braid.' Sta-Set X or better.

I am not racing this boat or anything, just pleasure sailing. I am hoping to get an "all round" rope for all of the lines on the boat. Is this possible? If so, what do I need to look for?
Ummmm - sort of. It's good if you can get rope for certain applications. IE, what's best for halyards isn't best for mainsheets, but you can use all of the same kind of rope if you feel a real need/budget constraint.

I do strongly advise that you get different color lines for each control line. This color coordination will make learning easier.

The boat has been sitting for 10 years so all of my lines will need replaced.

What about my anchor line? What should I use.
This is the anchor rode. Three strand is best, bigger is stronger.
Im not looking for the absolute best, just the standard is fine.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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