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If you haven't purchased new before, do some serious homework. It is like building a house, only more scary. You pay as you go and have little to show for it until it's done.

To your questions, there isn't usually much negotiating room in the price of the hull. However, you will pay a minimum of 20% more just to commission it to be seaworthy!, let alone as you want it. 50% more isn't uncommon. This is where the markup lies. For starters, the dealer will be able to buy equipment at 25% to as much as 40% below advertised prices. Then, they mark up the labor to install it. They are certainly entitled to a profit, since they will need to warranty the work, but they have some room there.

Demo or boat show hulls can be had for a small discount, as they may get a scratch or two. On some boats, you can get a discount, if you allow your fully commissioned new boat to be used in a boat show before you take delivery.

Personally, I prefer to buy a hull that is under 5 yrs old. Kinks are worked out (and there are many on every new hull), original owner took the brunt of the depreciation, but still like new.
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