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mmathews of sailnet wrote me about a question I had about a boat I recently got called a Nelson Sailing Dinghy, he told me that I should get results from here on the message board. I am not sure if there really is any history on the Nelson Sailing Dinghy, but I swear I have heard the name before! I know there is a Boatyard called Nelson''s Marine, they make big cruisers though, so I was wondering though if maybe they sell dinghies with the big boats, the only other thing is though that the guy I got it from''s boat was a Catalina I believe. Here our the specs. on it

It is an 8ft long, about 4ft wide monohull cat boat, it has a blunt pointed bow, not a flat pram bow. Thanks for any help my user name is Sailboatshark. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Sailboatshark
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