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Hi all,

I have wanted to sail since I was a child, I have now decided that I will start. I am 34 and have booked a level 1 Dignhy sailing course. I can not wait to start.

I am very well travellef in Europe mostly overland by car, I am intending on going on a bike tour, but the my aim for next year is to do it in a sailing boat. After I have done lots of courses and had lots of practice.

Learning a bit every day
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Hi and welcome from Essex ! Once the sailing bug bites you there is no turning back. Dinghy is a nice intro into our addiction. Also, if you have a marina close by, put a sign up on the noticeboard. There are many who are looking for someone to give them a hand and you will learn a lot as you go along.

A perfect day!
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36 many have stated quite explicitly...sailing grabs you. It can be an obsession...but you will love it. Look at my has a way of defining you!
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