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My big 1,200 amp/hour bank of Exide NASCAR lead acid batteries died after 8 years, the secret to the long life was only using the top 25% of capacity. The replacement cost for Lifeline AMG's, in Bonaire, was $885/battery.

We bought five Lifeline 8D's from

Danny Rojas
DC Battery Specialists
DC Marine Systems Inc
7415 NE 1st Place
Miami, FL 33138 USA

for $650 each including shipping which only took 14 days from my bank draft clearing. These batteries were fresh from the factory and when fitted showed 12.8 volts. Total of 1,275 amp/hours

A local mechanic picked them up at the dock in Bonaire fitted them and disposed of the old batteries. Even after paying the mechanic I saved a total of $900 compared to buying them locally.

Shipping out of Miami is really the better option as far as price and recent manufacture is concerned.
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