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I finally found the perfect 1st boat for me, purchased her last weekend-- a hurley 22'. She is spacious for her size, sea worthy and I think nice lines too.

She is not in the worst shape, but still a bit of a project. I hope to launch her this Sunday, have fun until it snows. then put her on a trailer, find a barn to store her in for the winter and restore her during the off seasons.

I have three questions I hope people can answer for me.

She has a lazarette for outboard placement, but no outboard. Should I fabricate a plug to go in the hole where the outboard exits, or can I leave it open? If a plug is necessary, any suggestions?

Locker lids are teak veneer plywood in mediocre shape. Any resources for fabricating water tight cockpit and lazarette lids?

The previous owner put the depthfinder directly into a hole in the hull with now throughhull fitting. Seems to work for him. Should I put the throughull in before launch or leave it for now?

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On the outboard can leave it plug needed.

On the lids...I always had thick rubber weather-strip on the underside of the "lids" then used a standard hinge lock to dog them down snug to keep water out.

On the third question...I simply don't understand what you are trying to describe. Pix would help.
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