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The advice about not buying new is not all that sound. People buy or lease new cars very year. There are very sound reasons to buy new but you must understand how pricing works.

Every boat can be configured many different ways with many different options. Understanding that there is a base price to start from helps. However, some new boats are sold as a complete "sail-away" packages.

As far as depreciation goes - that is relative to the price you pay for the yacht. Has anyone noticed that the longer you own a yacht the less it has depreciated against it''s original selling price. With the cost of new yachts increasing significantly year after year, older boats are holding their values fairly well.

The last assumption by many who advise buying used is that all buyers have some knowledge of yacht maintenance, the desire to learn or at least competent mechanics to work on them. Sometimes, and I will assume that the new yacht has been purchased by a "reputable dealer", the dealer service and new yacht warrantees make up for any "first year" depreciation one may realize. And there is something to be said for "having it your way".

Next - on used yachts - surveyors are human and don''t always find everything wrong with a yacht. There isn''t much recourse if something does rear its ugly head shortly after the yacht is purchased.

And on a final note. New Yacht dealers are in business to sell yachts and make money. It costs money and eats into profits to floor plan a new yacht. Most dealers will work with sincere buyers to make a good deal on a new yacht, at a fair price and gain a happy customer willing to refer other buyers.

If you want new - find the boat you want and then look for a reputable dealer first and price second.

Captain Ron
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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