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I just bought a ALberg 35 masthead sloop, So it looks like at the very least im looking at new spreaders and boom, and prolly sails. so given the amount of work involved and the fact i have to buy a new boom, i thought id solicit opinions of the best rig and or boom size as well as any goodies people would put on to update the rig on my A35.

Alot of my questions on winches and sheet and halyard arrangements are answered by reading on sailnet articles and here, but the nuts and bolts of understanding Booms and masts seem to be harder to find. I've looked on harkens site and there catalog which has some wonderful information, but its unclear how it relates to older full keel boats. I've seen some great discussions by jeff h about the virtues of low aspect rigs but was wondering are they matched per se to a fin keel or does their improvements assume a fin keel, or would they hold true for a full keel (cutaway forefoot actually)

Im betting on the sails needing to be replaced so there really isnt any upside to keeping the same rig as far as the main is concern

Initially, i was thinking about replacing the boom and spreaders and adding a bowsprit (only to use for an A spinnaker, rather than a true cutter rig) and possibly switching over to a low aspect rig

so in a perfect world, what options would you put on the boom to update a more modern rig?

My initial thoughts are to have jsi Build another 15 foot boom, with a sail slot, which if i understand correctly will also involve a new gooseneck as well to replace the roller reefing setup. I would also like to add an outhaul, a one or two line reefing system that can be used from the cockpit, as well as a boom vang.

As well, I was gonna stick with end boom sheeting. I was going to stay away from lazy jacks for now, but think about adding it later if i head for the coast at some point.

What are the merits of an internal vs external reefing arrangement? I was leaning heavily towards external on everything just for ease of maintenance and inspection, especially if something broke in a blow. What exaclty is the difference between a 1 versus 2 line reefing system? If i understand these correctly, you can simply head up a bit and reef from the cockpit right?

I looked at the harken and garhauer catalog, but dont know the proper ratios for the end boom or vang on a 35 foot of my era. Can somebody educate me on an easy single hand reef system, and a line type vang, and end boom sheeting as far as the working ratios and what would be appropriate for my size boat.

Its a Little unclear once you figure in the difference in modern vs older rig types with sail sizes being different. They dont really qualify as to whether their statements are related to a low or high aspect mainsail or mid versus end boom sheeting and if they do its usually mid boom and low aspect.

Would there be an advantage to lowering and or putting the boom higher and shortening the boom.

From reading on the bristol29 resto site I kind of understand what it does physics wise, and he certainly makes a good argument for it, but how would an older boat match up with a more modern Low aspect rig?

Greg nestor identifies this as tender to 25 to 30 degrees heel, but if that was reduced down to 20 or so while maintaining the drive with better windward ability that would be good. I certainly understand alberg produced good sailplans but since im in for major expense anyway, i doubt it will cost any more to convert it so its kind of six to one half dozen to the other.

ANy advice and or discussions of "in a perfect world" would be appreciated. Links are good too if this has been discussed elswehere.


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