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I am new to this forum.
To my person:
I am an immigrant from Germany , I came to Canada 12 years ago. I just came back to NL after living in Texas for two years. As soon as I came back I was looking for a sailboat and found my self a nice C&C 30 for a really good price. The only thing wrong with it that the engine ( Yanmar 2QM15) do not want to start. The first thing I had to do was get the starter out and gave it to overhaul because the mechanic cooked:hothead it by trying to get the engine going. If I can't get it going myself I will take it out and give it to a local overhaul shop. They say if I do not put time pressure on them and give it to them next month and only need it back in April next year they will do the job for around 2500$.I really want the engine to be ready when I need it because I had a bad experience once with my Faryman engine in my Fellowship 28 in the Baltic Sea. I am sailing since I am 4 years old but mostly in the Baltic and North Sea. I had an Ericson 33 when I lived in Halifax but she was a fixer upper and I never had the chance to get her into the water before I had to move. Just one question does anyone experience how to fix a leaking window on the C&C? I heard that this is a common problem because of the different expansion rate of the Plexiglas and the surrounding fiberglass any suggestion would be very much appreciated.
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