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New guy in Florida

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I'm joining because I can't find any answers for a particular question.

I'm 24 years old, I'm a college student. My dad used to build sailboats and draw them and everything. I've always dreamed to having one, particularly living on one. I am willing to give up the amenities like a big TV, stuff like that. I'd really like to downsize my life really. But I don't want to give up things like showers, and a stove. Propane is fine, but I'm getting too particular in this intro.

I make 300 bucks a week. I know that sailboats are very expensive. I was wondering, are there people who own them who rarely use them who would maybe "lease" them out for live-aboard? Like $300 a month plus regular maintence (I can dive and clean the hull, I'm a natural woodworker, etc..).

Are there legality issues there? Insurance?

Again, I'm getting way ahead of myself. I've dreamt of living on one for a long time. I figure if I had to spend $450 or $500 a month on an apartment or house rental, I could just do what I Really wanted instead..
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Welcome to Sailnet. There are a few people on here in similar situations to you, I would sugggest going to the 'living aboard' thread and posting some of your specific questions there. Also a search of the thread might bring up some older discussions that might provide you with some answers.

Living on a boat is great lifestyle, best of luck with it.
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