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I am new to Sailnet and new to sailing. I have been invited to be an Artist in Residence on the sailboat Selkie sailing through the Northern Isles of Scotland from September 5th - October 1st.

I will be sailing with the organization The Clipperton Project which groups Artists, Scientists and Sailors together to do expedition around the world. (you can google search The Clipperton Project, they won't let me post a link because I am new)

I have created a simple drawing machine (based on Harmograph drawing machines of the 1800's) that will create drawings using the movement of the sea.
The drawing machine consists of a wheeled tray that moves freely beneath a fixed pen. Each drawing will last 24 hours at which time I will change the paper and the next drawing will begin. In the end we will have a complete visual "LOG" of all of the movements of the ship while I was aboard, however abstract.

I will also be chronicling the voyage in the form of journals and essays on the Huffington Post. Posting articles containing photographs, videos and text each time we have access to the internet.

More info about the project can be found on my website.

I have only had one sailing lesson thus far but I couldn't be more excited to spend such an extended period of time on a boat and I will some solid sailing experience under my belt by the end of the trip. I have long been obsessed with the sea so this couldn't be a more perfect opportunity!

Wish me luck !


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Welcome! I can't wait to see the outcome of your project.
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