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New member - new adventure

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My name is Russ Swan. I'm Australian, now boatless, but was an owner/skipper of a 30ft steel cruising yacht which I sailed around the top-end of Australia and the south-eastern region of Indonesia, particularly around Timor, Ambon and the Tanimbars. Have also sailed as different times from Freemantle West Australia, across northern Australia to Mackay Queensland.
Having languished on land for a which I've been fortunate enough to score a berth on a 40ft fibreglass yacht name Jenzminc, currently at Fineke in Turkey on 28th October 2009. There'll be three crew, Andy (skipper), his mate Roger and me. We're all what you might call "mature aged" gentlemen.
We'll be sailing direct to Port Said Egypt and joining the Vasco de Gama rally through the Red Sea until we reach Oman, then will depart the rally and head for Phuket Thailand. We propose to arrive at Phuket sometime end March or early April 2010.
Hopefully I'll be able actually meet some members of this forum on the rally ... you never know.
Good sailing,
Russ Swan
Jenzminc VI
Darwin, Australia
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rw - welcome so SN dude!

Wow, it sounds like you've got a pretty incredible adventure coming up! Please keep us updated as you sail.
Yeah ... I wouldn't mind setting up some sort of blog thingy but I don't know much about it, or even how to go about it. Need to look into it a bit more when I find a bit of time.
Russ Swan
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