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Hi, I'm John and I am moving from SF bay area to LA, Silverlake. Go figure. But a girl is involved, so it's all good. I have sailed since I was 7 yrs old, which was back in the Eisenhower administration, so I am extremely old. I have an old Lancer 29 currently and would be happy to chat with any Lancer users in LA. I would like to trailer it to LA in a month or two. I see a member named Yountman has a Lancer 29 on a trailer in Ventura. I would like to contact him and talk about trailering and even renting his trailer, if possible.

Alas, I have to wait 7 days before I can send a message to anyone directly, but you can message me. I have taught sailing, built a Gary Mull champion 3/4 tonner, built decks for two Gary Mull hot rod 27's, built the interior of the first Jim Gannon Freya 39. I just rebuilt the interior of the Lancer. It's name is Kensho.

Talk to me about harbors... Like nifty harbors where one can keep a 29 footer fairly cheaply. And maybe I'd like to keep the boat in Mexico? Say, Mr. Yountman, do you keep your Lancer on a trailer to save on dock fees? This might be interesting.

Also, I would like to start a chat about delicate carburators on Nissan 9.8 four strokes. I have a 2 yr old motor, a 1 yr old carburator and am having nightmares getting it to idle. I keep gas treatment in the gas, but the new gas with alcohol supposedly absorbs enough water to corrode the interior of the carburator. I'll look for a chat string on this one. Still a mystery to me.
If you are still reading this rambling introduction, thanks. I'm sure we will have things to talk about.
John "Perkins4108" :)
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