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Hi there folks. I am contemplating buying a boat and have some very basic questions. First about me: about 60, great health. I have some crewing and chartering experience and Basic Keelboat certification. I've about decided to really learn to sail I am going to need my own boat. I have two 20 something sons who are anxious to crew but I want to sail singlehanded as well.

I've been researching boats and have settled on something like the Alberg 30 for a couple of reasons: value for the money, seaworthiness and great owners group for support (Alberg 30 owners group on the Chesapeake).

Some of the boats I'm looking at are very basic - that is no electronics, etc. Some have the old gas engine that I'd want to replace with a diesel.

So my first question is: how does one go about getting a quote for these upgrades? Contact a boatyard? What are some good ones in the Chesapeake area?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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