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I love to be listed as a Junior Member at age 70. I grew up sailing in Wilmette, IL, since 14 years old. I love the Great Lakes. Why, a lot more coastline than both the East and West Coast; never run out of drinking water, and no sharks (not part of the food chain).

My current boat is a Macgregor 26S. I am a trailer sailor.

My wife and I named our boat "Our Happiness".

I am a retired computer guy.
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Welcome aboard! I'm the sweetheart of the site.. rumors notwithstanding LOL
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Good to see someone older than myself still sailing and having fun (I trust ).
I have sailed a bit on Lake Superior and Ontario. Great places to sail and the fresh water is better for the heart.
I won't comment on your age :)...just Welcome to SailNet!
Cool, another Mac owner. I love the Great Lakes as well, we'll be up on Lake Michigan next summer.
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