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New Owner Need Some Advice

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I've just purchased my first boat, a 22ft westerly sailboat. I noticed some chipping or cracking around this hitch point on the bow that I assume needs to be patched up somehow. What are my options for fixing this up? The bolt doesn't seem loose, I can't wriggle it all anyway. Thanks very much.


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If you do remove the Eye to make a repair, It looks like you've got some extra length on that bolt. I might cut a piece of Starboard to match that wood backing, and either go over or replace the wood. in either case I'd add a large washer where it meets the backing plate. I'd also run the shackle through both holes.

Lastly I'm assuming the rope is tied off to something secure, I might consider replacing the rope with SS cable.

Overkill maybe, but if you're going to take it apart to fix the fibreglass might as well build back better.
I suspect that line is the attachment point for the bitter end of the anchor line.
I'm sure you're right.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts