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New Owner Need Some Advice

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I've just purchased my first boat, a 22ft westerly sailboat. I noticed some chipping or cracking around this hitch point on the bow that I assume needs to be patched up somehow. What are my options for fixing this up? The bolt doesn't seem loose, I can't wriggle it all anyway. Thanks very much.


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It's hard to tell from a photo, but it looks to me like the gel coat is peeled up, but the underlying fiberglass isn't damaged. The fact that the bow eye itself isn't loose supports that thinking. If so, the damage is only cosmetic, not structural. I'd remove the eye, fill the damaged area with a good filler, paint it to match and replace the eye.
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I suspect that line is the attachment point for the bitter end of the anchor line.
I like Marine Tex. It's available in gray or white. The white is a fair match to the white on most boats, and, if you mask off just the area you're repairing, you might be able to get by without painting it.

I have no experience with the products you mentioned.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts