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Hello! This is an amazing trove of information! I'm the semi-recent owner of a PD 26, named Slowpoke, living in Sitka, AK. I purchased my boat as a liveaboard, and somewhat comfortably lived on the boat for about a year and a half. I found that now that I've moved back onto land, it's easier for me to actually get around to doing some of the many projects I've put off (these projects tend to make mess, which isn't as fun, when you're sleeping on the boat every night).

Here's me and my buddies setting sail from the tiny 100-person village of Tenakee Springs where I bought the boat. Our three-day journey from Tenakee is it's own story, involving the engine crapping out and us getting some very timely help from a bear hunting charter.

I have a couple of questions, that I'm hoping someone here can help me out with. I'm fairly new to boats in general, so apologies in advance if I'm asking ignorant questions!

I recently put Slowpoke on our tidal grid, and put on a fresh coat of bottom paint, after scraping off a colossal number of mussels. I replaced the prop shaft zinc, as well as a zinc on the keel. I saw no evidence of a prop nut zinc, and I couldn't find any info online. Does anyone know if I need one there?

Here's Slowpoke on the grid, pre-scraping. It was nice to see the bottom!

If anyone has questions about using a tidal grid I'm happy to help. The process wasn't super difficult, but there were some things I wish I'd known a little better before my first go at it! Although, my understanding is they don't really exist anymore outside of the PNW...

Forward Cabin Hatch Window

I've got a persistent leak from the window on the forward hatch of the forward cabin. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas on how to fix it, short of replacing the whole thing?

Here's the window from the outside:

And here's the window from the inside, where you can see how the water pools up in the window. There are drain holes on the fitting, but the window rests below them, so water always fills up here with the copious amount of rain we get here in SE AK.

Reseating Stanchions
I've got some water seeping in at a couple of stanchion bases, where it looks like old gaskets have worn out. See this picture for an example:

The research I've done on this project has led me down endless rabbit holes of products to use - LifeSeal, Butyl Tape, Epoxy, Form-a-Seal Gaskets, etc. and I'm a little confused about all these different marine sealants... I'm wondering if anyone has done this before and could offer advice?

Thru-Deck Interior Caps
I'm also getting some leakage through these rusted out caps where the deck rails bolt through. I'm not sure how to get at these, since there are wood plugs covering the top of the bolt up on deck. I'm also not sure what to call these little caps, and I'd like to find more and replace almost all of mine, since most are rusty and unsightly, or just missing and unsightly:

I'm sure other questions will come up as I go along, and this thread has already answered some of my questions!

Thanks in advance!
Two last glory shots from our last trip out on the Sitka Sound:

Where it's located the zinc for the keel?
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