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New S2 7.9 owner, offer accepted.

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I have been a Catalina Owner (Capri 14.2, Capri 22, and Capri 25) for now must be 15 years. I've been VERY happy with the quality of those boats, and they've all sailed quite well.

Our little lake sail club races every 2 weeks during the summer, and a couple charity races, and our "A" fleet is referred to as the "One Design" fleet, but is actually a mix of S2 7.9s, J/24s, B25, J/22, my old Capri 25, and a Hunter 25.5 (yeah I know where did that come from).

Anyway, at our peak we had (5) S2 7.9s, we are now down to (3). In an effort to help "build" a true One Design fleet, I decided to sell my Capri 25 which was rated just slightly slower than the 7.9, and to buy a 7.9.

I have looked at several 7.9s.. and honestly they are all getting pretty water-logged. The decks are literally falling apart where owners haven't rebedded hardware over the years. It seems fair to say that one little mistake turns these boats into sponges... and quickly so (shame too). I saw one that wasn't addressed in the last year, and turned it from a potential race crushing machine into a nearly worthless complete redeck project boat.

So I found a later model 7.9, a 1986, with a Yanmar diesel inboard (yeah I know if my intent is to race the inboard isn't the best model as no matter how you slice it, its slower). However I am about done with outboard motors... so far most of the owners of the diesels in our area have had good luck with them, I hope to join them. I've been through 4 outboards in 2 years (all used 2 strokes)... I could have purchased an inboard and installed it for what I wasted on those things.

So this particular S2 is a high 400s hull number, and has only a couple glaring issues... where the spinlocks are on the cabintop (an obvious aftermarket install) the core is delaminated/hollow. The places these boats typically have problems (chainplates, mast step, and stanchion bases) aren't bad (they seem pretty solid actually). I didn't hire a marine surveyor because we are talking about an under $7k boat (actually under $5k). The boat is pretty generic, with the 2 instruments (bulkhead compass and speed/depth) both not working (so they are useless holes in the bulkhead). I did all my "hull testing" with a 3/4 inch box wrench tapping around the hull listening for dead spots.

All the sails are tired... 2 rough practice mains, and 1 crisp 100 jib, and a barely used spinnaker (typical of these older race boats, people race them about 1 season, then not again for years)... but the 155 racing number 1 is practically unusable.

The price I am getting the boat for allows me to build this boat the way I want though, and I can take my time outfitting it from scratch the way I'd like. The bottom is ablative (hard ablative VC Offshore I think).. but there are enough pits, and rough spots that I'll likely have to do another bottom job (ugh). I hated doing that 2 years ago on my Capri 25, but it pays to do it yourself so you can make sure it's perfectly fair.

It has workable standing rigging, but the running rigging is really tired. When all is said and done I'll probably spend as much on this boat as one completely equipped now, however they won't be where I want to be, so I feel this is a better approach for me.

I hope to come back to this forum and ask other S2 owners their experience at large when I come across problems... Of course I'll also join the S2 7.9 association.

I don't have many pictures, as it wasn't a top priority (yet).. but I have a few as proof a 7.9 was involved.

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I am in... the mast went up nicely, backstay adjuster is working well, and I got everything working... I split my pull cord on the outboard but it started, so I used it as it was, and it did what I needed, I'll restring it this weekend.

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Thoroughly enjoyed seeing your progress. It's quite an eye-opener in terms of how much time/work it takes to do things yourself. Hope you are sailing happily and have some pictures of her on the water.
Nice job! Great thread on how to refit a boat the right way!

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Congrats...nice boat!!! Wait to buy a S2
Thank you very much Shnool for this very intresting and inspiring thread,I will be referring back to it often as I get into my S27.9.. Even if it's an old thread,still pertinent.first thing I need to do is find a mast as that is the reason I got it cheap on asite sale,a stay broke under full sail and well you know the rest..the rest of the boat seems( to me an new sailor) to be excellent and operational ,couldn't pass it up,and they accepted my low bid..600.00! Negotiated of course after I foundi had to buy the outboard and trailer from the r/o seperate. But sails 2 sets anchor jackets gloves new paddles ect....any way I need a mast that will work.,30.5 ft I believe..also ....yesterday I was able to ring the bell as it was my last maintenance chemo treatment and have been declared long remission no sighn of the cancer ,so I have get on with life As in diving and sailing..ha ha and of course towing and farming between andof course taking out my c/l 16 when the water is not so hard any way ..I ramble .. Lots of good ideas here I will do the swim ladder for sure...
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