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I can not express my satisfaction enough with my Watkins 27. I have owned this boat for less than a year but have yet to find any shortcomings worth mentioning with the overall design for my usage. It has great headroom (6'2") for me @ 5'7", is beamy at 10', and displaces well over 7000K lbs. She is powered by a 15 hp Yanmar which can push her at hull speed. She only drafts 3'8" and I can get out at most ANY tide (you should see the looks of envy I get when similar or larger boats are dock locked because they draft 5+ feet).

As for weekends, she fits my wife and I with ease. Seems to have adequate storage for provisions and holds 40 gals of fresh water. We are anxiously planning a 9 day cruise this Spring. She is very stable and handles the chop well (the wife & boat!). I am very happy with this purchase as our learning platform and fully intend to keep her as long as she fits our needs.

As for maint costs, the bottom gets cleaned every 45 days in the winter at $50 a pop. During the summer months the interval will narrow to every 30 days. My slip costs are average at $370 per month which includes power and water. I try to change the oil and associated filters etc. every 50 hrs at about $50 (about twice yearly by my calcs). General deck hardware, etc is left to an as needed basis, and as other posts in this thread suggested, generally falls into a 10% of purchase price per year. Of course any initial boat purchase can easily exceed the 10% due to pure excitement and modifying her to suit your needs, etc.
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