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With probably <1000 miles on calm waters, open boats in the Netherlands I can hardly call myself a skipper (or schipper, the Dutch, throat injury-causing way). Didn't even start a personal log-book!
Yet, all going to plan, a few weeks from now I'll have a certificate from the RYA stating that I am indeed a "Day Skipper". (Will keep my night-job)
And of course, because I am a foolish dreamer, I started considering my own boat.

Rule #1: I am NOT going to come anywhere near a 40ft-er that I cannot sail or afford!

Reason says I should look for a plastic thing, like Etap 22.
But they look soooo boooring!

I think I'd be happier in the cockpit of an old wooden boat, assunming I don't screw-up and find myself owning a barely-floating, rotting piece of timber.

Any advice?

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Locate a marina / boat yard with lots of boats in the size you think you would be interested in and some day talk a walk along the docks and have chats with the people you see.

As from this forum.... you can see many if not Most sailors love to talk about sailing and Our boats... it is far worst than someone interested in Golf!!!! Remember to never climb aboard until asked but strike up a conversation and after a few trips to the docks you will probably find yourself not only more knowledgeable but with invitations for day sails on boats you want to know more about.
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