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I don't understand why you couldn't reef your mainsail, if you have reef points in this new sail.

If you had reef lines..even if they were too short for the new main..once you lower the mainsail to the reef point, the line is no longer too short. You could have fed the old lines through the tack and clew cringles and secured them, then used sail ties to clean up the intermediate reef points. If you didn't have the old reefing lines with you, can use sail ties or short lengths of line.

Do you have a reef hook on the gooseneck for the tack?

When you realized you were overpowered, you could furl your headsail until it clears the shrouds. Then heave-to, from a close reach. With the helm over and the Mainsheet eased somewhat, you should now have a very stable platform to carefully lower the main to the 1st reef and do what you have to do. Once you've set the reef..trim the mainsail, and release the backed jib and you're sailing again under control.

If home was could even consider dousing the main and sailing home with the headsail ..
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