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I finally decided to pull out one of the glassed in chainplate on my boat, the one for the upper starboard shroud to be precise.

There was corrosion but overall I'd say the plate was solid. Now I have a nasty cavity. I already ground the sides to a smoother slope and sanded away the paint all around.

I decided to go the route of adding an internal stringer and turning the chainplate 90degree from its original orientation.

I chose to go with G10. Not knowing better I got a .75" thick piece of G10 about 14"x6". It's not big but it is quite heavy!

I am planning on laminating over the cavity and creating a smooth surface before heavily tabbing the stringer in over a trapezoidal bed of polyurethane foam followed by bolting through the tabbing for peace of mind. I want to do all the fiberglassing in one day in order to achieve maximum bonding strength.

Here is my question: I can easily pre-drill the bolting points on the G10 and use a guide system to drill through the tabbing afterwards but what about the bolt holes for the new chainplate?

should I pre-drill them in the G10 with a drill press? I am a little worried of making a slight mistake that would prove fatal. On the other hand, it is much easier to drill the piece beforehand than once installed.

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