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New to Keelboats and the site

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I am looking at an SJ24, $4600 Crown 23 $3000 and a Tanzer 22 $3000 in the next few days, I am on Vancouver Island. The boats are in Ladysmith, Nanaimo and Courtenay respectively.
I have sailed on many larger boats as a kid in the Bahamas, as a guest. I lived on Andros from 10 to 15 yrs old. As well as the local traditional local sloops and we had use of a Sunfish from the hotel.
I have a Prindle 16, Chrysler Pirateer 13 and a home built Opti/Sabot with a bowsprit running 56 sqft of a Delta wing hang glider for power...what can I say, use what ya got.
All of which I have 2 seasons sailing on.
So... a little knowledge is more dangerous than
I intend to daysail/weekend with my wife, who is a total lubber in the Campbell River area. For now, we will be fair weather sailors, running for shore/bays/marinas when she blows.
Ok, any comments/suggestions on the 3 candidates in our list?
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Snool, the Crown 23 is a Cal deriviative, very much a smaller Cal 25, built here in BC for a while. They also built an 18 (mini Cal 20) a 28, very similar to the Cal 27, and the very popular Crown 34 (which later became the SJ 34) As an aside, the Crown 34 was refined into the Sceptre 36, many of which were built here too. Decent boats for all that.

The SJ will have better headroom that the other two, the Tanzer is a great boat and handles well, the Crown will be pretty decent to sail too.

The SJ is a product of the 1/4 ton IOR rule, and as such is a bit twitchy esp downwind with a spinnaker. The cockpit is pretty tight too compared to the other two. They are a pretty boat, quick (relatively) upwind but not as forgiving as the others... but it doesn't sound like the OP is looking for 'forgiving' ;)
The Tanzer 7.5/25/26 models are all pretty similar and have a good reputation, if not the 'prettiest' girls at the dance. Either would be a better boat I think, than the first 3 selected. But no need to offer 45K.. :p ;)

btw.. transferable moorage makes for an easier sell, but doesn't 'change' the value of the boat unless the moorage is 'prepaid' for a significant time period.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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