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Hi everyone, my name is Trevor and I'm a 26 year old dude working in mobile software development on the SF peninsula. I'm a complete newbie to sailing but I've been doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere on the web plus I'm reading a book from the local library titled 'The Everything Sailing Book' by Michael and Nikki Smorenburg.

I'm not really sure what got me hooked on the idea of sailing but a couple months ago I discovered that one of my best friends was battling incurable sarcoma, another good friend's sister was being treated for malignant melanoma, and my own sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease but her prognosis is very good so my family is very thankful for that. These shocking events made me realize what can happen to people even at such a young age so I want to dedicate my time to other adventures besides just my career.

I've always loved activities that get me outside and my adrenaline flowing like autocrossing my car and riding my bicycle so anything that moves is a natural choice. I also love the idea of living on a sailboat of my own someday so last month I brought home a used El Toro dinghy that I took out sailing for the first time today!! Things didn't go so well and I'll have a funny story to tell soon with many lessons learned. I plan to attend a few ASA sailing courses with Modern Sailing School & Club later this year but they're a little expensive for me at the moment.

If anyone in the SF bay area is willing to teach a newbie some things or needs a hand I'd love to tag along for some sailing on the weekends! :)
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