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Hi all,

I'm new to Sailnet. I basically gave up golf 3 years ago after taking 3 weeks off from golf to take some sailing lessons. I went from playing over 70 rounds a year to only playing 3 so far this year.

I started with Sailtime's 32' Hunter out of Port Washington. I got my ASA 101 and 103 from them. Last year I bought a used Alerion 28' with the intent of trading it in for a 38' when it became available. I ordered the 38' in December and took delivery in May of this year and traded in the 28'. It was a great boat to sail around the sound.

I love the new boat. It handles like a charm and it looks pretty nice too. Just like any new boat, I've had some issues. But nothing that has stopped me from going out on the water whenever I get a chance.

I already sent a note out regarding some issues I've had with my batteries, but again, they are not game stoppers.

I look forward to being part of Sailnet.

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