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Hello, all! I am the proud co-owner of a Laguna Windrose 22. My husband has been here for a bit and you've been VERY helpful to us. His 'handle' is clip68.

My sailing background started in Pensacola, FL. Great sailing venue with the bay and the gulf waiting just beyond. My early experience was on a stripped out 37 foot s/v on the SORC. I was the spinnaker wench. I also sailed Lasers (hate them), Lightnings (very forgiving) and raced Catamarans. Used to love working the wire. Don't think I'd be able to do that now, LOL.

My primary concerns are that I'm aging and no longer as agile as I once was. I'm also appreciating (probably the wrong word...) the finer points of being female on a small vessel. Heads come to mind.... You women out there know what I mean. Can't just walk to the bow or stern....

I'm also only 5'2". Stepping over the lifeline to board the boat is sometimes a challenge. Climbing back up a swim ladder requires a LOT of energy, though it doesn't stop me from trying (and succeeding.)

Our first night out at anchor away from the marina was funny. I'll share in a different venue.

Hope to make great friends here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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