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Hello - Glad to be here. I learned to sail an El Toro in the Berkeley Marina in the 1950s. My dad and I sailed El Toros all over California then. We built a kit for him #2211 and bought a used one for me #127 (a very oldie). In my 20s I had an FJ for a bit. In 2002 moved to Humboldt Bay area. Had a Catalina 22 and a Venture Newport 23. I didn't think much of sailing in the bay - too shallow and channels too narrow for me. Last few years lived in Plumas County, CA about 10 miles south of Lake Almanor. I've picked up 2 boats but have yet to get either in the water here. First is a 72 Venture 22 and the other, I picked up awhile ago on Craigslist for FREE - a Voyager 14 with trailer, great sails and rigging. Such a deal and a fine boat to teach my grandkids how to sail.

Problem though. The Voyager came with no paperwork except for a bill of sale. I read the California application and it seems a bill of sale is OK, but DMV person says I need a title of certificate of origin. Well, I can't get a title and I doubt if Vagabond is still in business in Santa Ana. Your thoughts?

Also, I've searched and searched and cannot find a hull number on the boat anywhere. Only thing is a tag near the centerboard that says Vagabond Sailboats, Santa Ana, CA. If I can't find a hull number should I assign one myself?

Hope some of you have been through this and can help out. Should be in the water here soon. Can't wait. Will post some photos.

Any of you sailed in any of the Lassen/Plumas lakes? Love to hear from you.



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Welcome aboard!

Do you have any idea what year the Voyager was made? HIN's weren't mandatory until the mid-1970's, if I recall correctly. So it's entirely possible that your boat doesn't have an HIN.

I'm not familiar with California's laws - do you NEED to register the boat? Some states don't require registration of boats under 15' if they don't have an engine. I've often wondered what you do in those cases, because it's nearly impossible to track down the previous owners. I think I'd call again, or spend some time at a DMV that's near the water. The folks there are more likely to have come across boat registrations than at the inland DMV's. You can always ask for a manager, too.

Good luck!
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