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My wife and are Cherry Growers in SE BC and took Offshore's Fast Track to Cruising course last year. we absolutely love sailing although my wife took a bit of convinicing in the beginning she is now very enthusiastic. I did hitch in the Canadian Navy and was TD'd to HMCY Oriole in the 70s for a bit. Spent a fair bit of time in a Laser at the time and now with 4 months a year off and the kids gone are looking at Sailing as a great way to spend the winters. ( we have a hard time going back to a place twice) We have spent winters in BVI, Thailand, and then Dominica last year.

Right now we are looking at buying a boat for our local lakes and just finished looking at 4 boats here. An 83 Oday 28, 76 Catalina 27, a 85 C&C 27 and a 71 columbia 30. Of the three the Oday needed the most work but I really liked the boat itself the Columbia has had the most work done to it with a 90 k refit 8 years ago and a new 28 hp Kubota in it. The C&C is in the best shape but doesnt have an inboard just a 15 hp outboard. I am concerned about the columbia based on what I have read here but it really is the best deal for the money. I could use some advise on the boats and their sailing characteristics/problems. Long term goal is to buy a second boat for the winter and cruising but we both need more experience and $$ in the bank first. We have three lakes in our area from the 100 mile long Kootenay lake, Pend Orille (sp) and Couer D lane lake about 90 miles away so probably trailerable would make sense which sort of eliminates the Columbia a bit. C&C is 20 k CDN with a trailer, Oday is about 16 k no trailer, Columbia is about 30 K. We have a surveyor available once we decide on the boat.

Suggestions or comments appreciated.
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