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old guy :)
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Not new to boating, but new to Sailnet.

Owned my first boat about 1962. Owned my first "real boat" (read sailboat) 1995. Gone from a Tanzer 22 to a Tanzer 28 to now an Irwin Citation 34.

Been involved with CPS (Canada's equivalent to USPS) since 1995, now involved nationally. Taken lots of courses (for those in USPS or CPS - both my wife and I are "senior navigators")

Sailed on the left coast, now live on the east coast and sail New Brunswick and Maine.

Longest time on board was two months, two summers ago (hence the move from a 28 foot boat to a 34 foot boat).

I am sort of retired, Linda will work forever - she is a novelist.

That tells you about me (us). I look forward to helping where I can and getting lots of great ideas from the group.


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Hola Senor,

My name is Pablo de Silva Costa Martinez.

I am in Honduras in Cuidad Jail. I have no amigos here, I now make collection of photos of my friends of the sailneta.

Por favor post photo of you, for my album,

Gracias, Pablo, Prisionero 23456/2006
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