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I'm sitting here watching the big new machine turn on Aquidneck Island (Rhode Island, Newport)......

I really hope they get that project in off the Cape.

We are about 20 years behind Denmark and some other countries in wind power, but stats show that we are coming up fast - lots of turbines going in.

The Cape Wind thing has been fought by most of the rich pols and business people who have places there. Folks might recognize some names like Kennedy and Kerry, however the big push is from groups backed and financed by William I. Koch - a coal, oil and gas magnate who also has a place on the cape.
Alliance forms a new Anti-Wind Farm lobbying arm :: Cape Cod Today :: Cape Cod News and Information

Koch spent $620,000 lobbying against it in 2006 and 2007. Oh, newest figures show about 1.5 million.

He runs the largest private corporation in America, and should be familiar to sailors as the winner of the 1992 Americas Cup. (Yacht: America).

Without giving the gory details, it is a strange alliance of folks fighting against it....the Koch brothers are the ultimate oil men!
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