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I'm looking for some tips: We are planning on sailing from Seattle up to the San Juans in August. The idea is that we are going to leave port around 6pm on Thursday and sail through the night hoping to arrive sometime in the morning.

I'll have a GPS hooked to a laptop for navigation. We have a back-up radio and the basic safety gear.

Here are some of my concerns:

1. If the wind is light and we aren't making much progress even the fundamentalist in me is going to give up and motor just to get up there. Do people generally sail or motor to the San Juans in the summer?

2. Should I stop in Port Townsend for a few hours to rest instead of rotating the crew through the night? I'm thinking this depends on using the tides optimally.

Any advice, tips, or tricks on night sailing or this particular cruise would be very much appreciated.

- Dylan
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