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newbies in need of help

Great you guys - sounds like a nice boat you have - you have begun your journey. Get in as much sailing experience locally as you can, join a local yacht club, get a weekly spot on a yacht racing around the buoys and ask questions wherever you go.

This is all fantastic stuff, but at the end of the day, you have to get out there and DO IT yourselves. Fear of the unknown is the greatest impediment and will stop a lot of people in their tracks. My no.1 quote will always be 'You will NEVER regret doing it, but you will ALWAYS regret not doing it.

My book 'Voyage of the Little Ship 'Tere Moana' is my adventures over four years and is purely written to encourage folks like you to get started on their adventure of a lifetime. You can find me on [email protected]

Good luck

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