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Newbies sailing south on the ICW

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My husband and I are new sailors. We've both taken basic sailing 101 but don't have a lot of sailing hours under our belts. Our boat is a Morgan 382. We were thinking about sailing south on the icw from Portsmouth, NH to FL. Is that too daunting a task for new sailors? Would the sections from Portsmouth on down that are not part of the icw be too difficult for us? Is this a stupid idea or a good way to gain experience?
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It makes us sad too! We are now back to talking about hiring a captain and having my husband go and I stay home with the kids and then meet him later. Do you think going to Chesapeake would be ok? We thought maybe we could go to the boat show in october. Would we be able to handle to boat from there after my husband has had a week or so experience with a captain? Or would it be better to go all the way to Norfolk?
The main reason we wanted to get down to FL this year is my dad has terminal cancer. My parents live in Melbourne and I thought we could anchor or moor close to them.
Sounds like the plan to me. Once you are in the Chesapeake getting to Norfolk is easy compared to the offshore stuff coming down. Running down the ditch will be a piece of cake. You will even get a few chances to hoist the rags.

Finding somewhere to anchor might be little more challenging. It is a bit of a hot topic down here with the position changing every so often as different bits of anti liveaboard legislation gets tested in court. Keep your eye on this site. Cruiser's Net | AnchoragesEF - All | Page 2 You might want to ask around for some cheap dockage too lots of empty condos with docks around there.

Go for it!
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