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Newbies sailing south on the ICW

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My husband and I are new sailors. We've both taken basic sailing 101 but don't have a lot of sailing hours under our belts. Our boat is a Morgan 382. We were thinking about sailing south on the icw from Portsmouth, NH to FL. Is that too daunting a task for new sailors? Would the sections from Portsmouth on down that are not part of the icw be too difficult for us? Is this a stupid idea or a good way to gain experience?
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I'm new here and planning a similar trip fro Oct 2013. Is there an update on how the trip went? Any after action info I could learn from? We are in the exact same situation skill wise so we could use the info.

Thanks for the advice. We plan on starting in oct of 2013 and heading south. Gonna plan on hitting a marina/hook every nite and going slow. Much motoring likely. Just wanna be safe and relax.

True, and here is where my true ignorance comes out, but can't I select places and anchor out? Is that illegal? Is there any guide showing good places to stay or anchor on the ICW?

Thanks for the info. Skipper bob has some great info. I'm gonna buy two of his guides on the next edition so they are current when we go! Hopefully someday I will have the skills or info to give back to the forum. For now I am in consumption mode until I leave the novice phase and grow as a sailor.
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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