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I'll keep it brief, new to all this, we caught the bug this summer when we went out and stayed aboard a sailboat a few times this summer. We have always loved the ocean and have felt like a fish out of water in Indiana. I am a Firefighter, my wife, stay at home mom (works harder than me hands down) We have 7 years until we are on our own again and ready to retire. We like the simple live, don't need much room and our goal is to see the a lot of beautiful sights. We love snorkeling, scuba, fishing and relaxing with a good book. I know that living on a sailboat isn't as glamorous as some make it out to be but I think we would enjoy it. We would be able to own our boat (30,000-40,000 range) and have an income of about 2400.00 month. We are in long term planning now.

We are signed up to take a bare boat class on Lake Michigan in June (3 days) and we would like to take a few 2-3 day trips during the summer. We would like to spread our wings and take a family (4) trip and charter something in the gulf/Caribbean/Bahamas next winter.

Always looking for advice, even if it's just to tell us were crazy and forget the idea. Although you must know, our goal is to travel and see new places and short of hitting the lottery, this seems like the most economical way given that we just don't like to stay put for long.

One big question is this: I can take free classes at any community college or a few of the bigger colleges. Is their any classes or training that could be used to help with money along the way, ie.... scuba cert, welding, etc..... Since we have a little time, we might as well prepare a little.

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Yo indy - welcome to SN dude. A yacht becomes something else when you make it your home. But it IS always freedom...if you can take it as such.


Do what we keyboarders dream about. Take the bareboat classes and go charter in the most amazing places on earth. Then let us know what we should do!
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