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Ex-USN Shipdriver/Navigator, Ex-Shipyard Project Manager, Ex-Corporate Manager; Looking to get back to sea in any capacity. Length of voyage duration or destination not important. Although officially retired, it is without pay for a few years, so that means to meet my financial obligations I will need a paid position. I understand I am a rookie, however with my background, I'm hoping that won't be for long and that the valve I add will more than compensate for my salary.

The problem, where do I start? The MMD application process isn't too complex, but where's the starting point for me. I haven't been to sea in years and it's going to take awhile to get my military records to document my sea time; what exactly am I asking for? A blank MMD, I guess>

I'm on track for my TWIC, and as soon as I can, I think my next step is to get my STCW cert. so I can add it as soon as I get the MMD.

Am I screwed up or on the right course?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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