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I have a nexus autopilot. The PO had a messy Nexus/Raymarine set up.

It seems a new fault has developed which is strange. Underway, the nexus systems (reading from the compass I assume) read about 0-5 degrees off the Raymarine GPS fed reading. Normal I assume, compasses never read the same :)

The issue is, the moment I engage the autopilot on a bearing, the nexus-shown bearing jumps 20 degrees starboard and the autopilot lurches to the left.

Currently, the autopilot is useless......

Any ideas? Nexus support was no real help.
Not familiar with your gear or boat, so this is a shot in the dark.

Is the fluxgate compass for your autopilot located a good distance from your steering wheel? If it's too close, the autopilot's motor may be creating magnetic interference.

Some higher-end autopilots have an clutch that automatically engages when you hit the "Auto" button. If that is an electromagnetic relay or solenoid, it could create huge interference for the fluxgate compass if it's located too close.
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