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Quoted from a sailing blog: (thought this was worth a mention, as his story was so inspiring! -Kristen)

"He woke up, looked at his wife, Mary Kate, took his oxygen mask off, gave her a kiss and told her that he loved her. He put the oxygen mask back on and passed away." From Sailworld - Sharing the Good.

Sadly, Paralympic Gold medalist, Nick Scandone passed away yesterday. Nick suffered from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Nick was determined to compete in the Beijing Olympics. It took a superhuman effort to keep going as he got progressively worse over the last year. He and his partner Maureen McKinnon-Tucker won gold.

With all the excitement about Ben Ainslie, Zach Railey and Anna Tunnicliffe, for me Nick's story was the most inspiring. I found this excerpt from an article about Nick in NY Times, especially moving:

Mary-Kate Scandone has supported her husband every step of his Olympic and Paralympic journey, through the accomplishments and the adversity and through the enthusiasm and exhaustion. This is a bittersweet moment for the couple. "It's everything we've been fighting for," said Mary-Kate. "Sailing and his [Paralympic] goal has kept him alive." In an emotional moment, Mary-Kate thanked the designer of Nick's boat "because he gave me four more years with my husband," she said

Sail on Nick.

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