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If you are putting all your attention into looking through night vision glasses, I believe you could miss a lot of more important information. There is no way you are going to see a container, a log or even a sleeping whale at sea, unless you happen to be looking in exactly the right place at the right second, in a perfectly flat sea. It really is a waste of time to try. I believe most of us trust to our luck in these cases; it is a huge ocean and these objects are few and far between.
Onshore, where floating objects are more common, like fishing floats or logs in the PNW, the prudent mariner might not proceed at full speed in limited visibility, as many of these dangers are still not easily seen, even in good visibility.
The one modern innovation I find absolutely indispensable now, for navigation, are the stabilized binoculars. They are a huge improvement over conventional ones and facilitate identification of navigational aids, vessel lights and anything one might want to actually see clearly from a moving boat. They are smaller and lighter than conventional binoculars, therefor, instead of the common 7X35 marine binoculars, 10X 50 are quite usable on a small craft.
As wonderful as Hollywood makes the night vision glasses seem, I seriously doubt they would be very serviceable aboard a small craft, for navigation.
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