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It has been 35 years since I was actively sailing and racing. Mostly on Texas lakes but a little in the Gulf. That was BC (before children). Now, 2 X's later, ranch herd size greatly reduced; and, ranch manager cabin almost finished so I can get away more, I have acquired a project boat. She's a 1982 C30 on Lake Texoma about an hour away from the ranch or home.. She floats, engine runs, and the sails are usable. Although, I certainly don't plan on racing her anytime soon due to all the work I want to get done first. One thing she has had done ( at 1st and only glance so far) sometime\where in her history was a forward mast stepping setup. The owner I bought it from could not tell me anything about it. The mast is hinged with a 1 inch bolt and the front side has been beveled to about 4 inches up. No measurements yet made to calculate vector forces. etc.. Additional port and starboard stays have been added with quick releases and there is a a good size electric winch (~ 4000lb load~ish?) hard mounted in the port cockpit locker. Since she has a Bimini setup I'm guessing the mast mod was done to lower the mast enough underway to go under bridges. I have not been able to find any official Catalina information regarding unstepping a C30 mast; and found only a couple of forward mast lowering and/or unstepping examples on the internet. So after having seen numerous references to this site in my documentation search I have joined this site since I know I am going to have LOTS of questions. In my documentation search I have already obtained the Owners and Operation manuals. As a side note; my day job is as an engineer.

Any information or related references to this forward mast stepping subject is appreciated.

Kind Regards
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